You might already know that doctors, nurses and medics wear white, for recognition, status and cleanliness. 

But do you know why surgeon doctors wear blue and green?

It all comes down to helping enhance the surgeon’s sight.

During surgery, the surgeon will be staring at the pink and red color flesh, blood and organs of a patient for an prolonged period.

Our brain interprets these colors as relative to each other and in turn will weaken the signal for red. 

This can cause the surgeon to become desensitized, making it harder to see small details between the two colors.

Glancing up during surgery to see green or blue uniforms can help refresh signals in the brain and improve the doctor’s performance.

Staring and deep focus on red color for long extended periods can lead to distracting green illusions when shifting his or her sight to something white, which can be very distracting. When surgeons glance at the scrubs, the green illusion blends in and becomes less noticeable.

Although it is hard to affirm whether green scrubs became popular for this reason, Both the color may be especially well-suited to help doctors see better in the operating room because both the colors are opposite of red in the primary color wheel.

So while white is considered the color of cleanliness, green and blue are still the best uniform choice for surgeons.