Tribal Block Print Fabrics In Rural Rajasthan

The dots on this fabric are reminiscent of bor, a small, round fruit that grows well in Rajasthan’s harsh, desert climate and is widely enjoyed there.  The design is worn by married women of the Kumhar (potters) and Chaudhury (owners of small landholdings) communities.  The dots are also said to represent the matkas, round vessels for storing drinking water, made by the Kumhars. 

Hand Block Printing of ahmedabad

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Exquisite Jamdani

Introduction and etymology Belonging to a region where exemplary craftsmanship seems to be the norm, Jamdani stands heads and shoulders above other comparable forms of textiles. One of the finest and most celebrated examples of Mughal brilliance in art and craft, Jamdani is an exquisite and laboriously weaved form of muslin whose earliest origins are […]

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