Raised gold embroidery. Comes from Persian: zar, gold thread, and doz, embroidery. The embroidery is done by laying the zari over a padding of cotton threads so that it becomes raised. Tiny coils of gold thread called Salma are also used for zardosi embroidery on very fine fabric, silk, tissue or gauze, creating beautiful relief effects. Zardosi which was originally done on velvet for cushions and curtains, now has been introduced to dress fabrics and sarees.silver zari, the silver is left as such, of course. This is beaten out into a wire. Then this wire is drawn through a metal plate with holes of descending diameter, and beaten as it emerges, till finally it is a hair’s breadth. This gold wire is then wound round silk thread, yellow for gold zari and white for silver zari.

Zari is used in weaving to create brocade on borders, pallu and body of sarees.