Chirala is touted to be the oldest ikat weaving centre in Andhra Pradesh, weaving mainly cotton sarees. Ikat is termed chitku here. But whereas ikat has remained a local market variety in Chirala, in Potchampally in Nalconda district, silk ikat sarees have become very popular since the 1950s. Using single weft ikat, Potchampally sarees have given their name to all Andhra Pradesh ikats in general, though they are woven in many other places. They are characterised by a block colour border with one or two simple line patterns, topped by ikat pattern. The body has patterns of the feathery, slightly blurred ikat patterns characteristic of single ikats. Nowadays, Potchampally and Puttapaka weavers are attempting the double Ikat of Patan. These are called Patoulu. See Ikat.