Embroidery of geometric motifs done in northern Karnataka and southern Maharashtra. Traditionally it was done on Ilkal (Irkal) sarees. Now it is used to embellish all sorts of sarees. Comes from kai, hand, and suti, cotton — using hands and cotton yarn to create patterns. Now silk yarn on silk is also used. It is laborious work because the threads of warp and weft have to be counted and the needle and yarn inserted accordingly as the pattern is created. There are no knots so the design is reversible. Using simple stitches, like cross stitch and running stitch, the most elaborate designs are created especially on the pallu. Favourite motifs: elephants, peacocks, stars, temple towers, palanquins, flowers, houses. Elaborate compositions are often created of festival scenes, garden design and so on. It is said that the art was fostered by the wives of the Mysore nobility who used it to while away their hours during evening socialising.