Crepe is usually a plain weave created by using crepe twisted yam either for warp or weft, or both. It is characterised by an allover crinkled, pebbly, or puckered surface. However, the soft, pliable fabric can be smooth or quite rough. The fabric is woven from all of the major fibres, natural or man-made. Surface textures range from fine, flat crepes to pebbled effects. The crepe effect may be produced by the use of hard ‘S’ or ‘Z’ twists in the yarn one or both ways, or by chemical treatment or heat or water treatment. See Twist Direction.

The commonest form of silk crepe uses hard twist weft and ordinary yarn warp. This can result in a lot of shrinkage in the finishing process, and sometimes it becomes necessary to hold the fabric stretched to minimise this. The very popular Mysore Silks of Karnataka are crepe silks of varying quality.