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The Embroidery of Life : Needle Crafts and Colors of Kutch

Amidst the barren desert landscape of the western border towns of India, smatterings of color are a representation of life, appearing as adornments on the bodies of the beautiful tribes. Embroidery, here, is not a glorious vocation but part of the daily fabric of how a day is spent. It isn’t uncommon to walk among […]

Ajrakh Legends

Ajrakh is believed to be a symbolic representation of the universe, the blue representing the night sky, the red denoting twilight and the white geometric motifs signifying the stars in the dark sky. Their fingernails are the color of the midnight sky, and their eyes gleam like diamonds when they talk with passion about the […]


If one could talk of a legend in weaves, Patola silks would be the very epitome of it. Once an exclusive inheritance of royalty and aristocracy, patola sarees were and still are a prized possession, worn exclusively on special occasions like vedic rituals and weddings. Patola sarees are considered sacred in a number of communities. These handwoven […]

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